Goal Ladder

The 'goal ladder' is a step-by-step approach to facing fears.

Here, your child’s ‘ultimate goal’ is broken down into smaller steps (perhaps identified from the 'goal setting' activity) You can choose as many or as little steps as you and your child feel is manageable. It is best to do this with your child to give them some control over something which can be anxiety-provoking.

The key thing is that each step gets progressively more challenging. Steps are graded from least to most anxiety-provoking. As each step is completed, they can be repeated, or revised and broken down into smaller ones. This task should encourage your child to slowly face their fears, but to do so in a way which is manageable.

Each step is also paired with a reward, which you can choose together with your child. This can keep your child motivated and have something to look forward.

You can review each step:

  1. How did they find it? How scary did they find it?
  2. What do they think went well?
  3. How do they feel about the next step?

Please click on the image below to download the worksheet.